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We run a 1 day comprehensive Antenatal Class that help prepare prospective parents for the arrival of their child (or children) in a relaxed and friendly environment. The class is given by an experienced, Cork-based, practicing midwife.

Classes are held in the Blarney Golf Resort

Who is the class suitable for? The class is suitable for all prospective parents. It covers, pregnancy, late stage pregnancy, labour, delivery, birth and caring for your new baby.

It also covers the practical aspects and impact of having a baby.

When should I attend? It is recommended that you attend your complete one day course somewhere between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.

What should I bring with me? 2 Pillows and your hospital chart as birth plan will be discussed.

What should I wear? Comfortable clothing; we will be on the floor for a short time doing relaxation exercises so a tracksuit or something like that is ideal.

What is covered? We cover the late stage of pregnancy, labour and birth together with all aspects of caring for your baby after the birth and arriving home. We also cover C- Sections both planned and emergency. A selection of topics covered includes:

  • Preparing for Birth (Hospital Bag, Baby essentials)·
  • Signs of Labour
  • Labour and Pain Relief
  • Transition, Delivery (all types of deliveries covered including Cesarean section) and baby's first hour
  • Feeding· Baby Equipment
  • Bathing· Clothing
  • You & Your Partner
  • You & Your Child

A comprehensive information pack given at the end of the course means that you can consult the notes if you forget anything between the course and your birth.

Check out your Health Insurance Policy - Our Antenatal Classes are run by a qualified, practising Cork-based midwife and as such certain policies allow a Reclaim under Reclaimable Maternity Benefits -Prenatal Care/Midwifery Services.

How do I book?

Please contact Eileen on 086 6066367 or 021 4381351

All questions are welcome.

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